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Happi Moonbeam
Beamer is a 2005 filly. Go Impress Nugget X Misty Moon Shadow

Beamer is Dancer's half sister. So we are looking to go far with her.
She is a great granddaughter of World Champion Junior Cutting horse Hi Boomer. She is already demonstrating how good she is on her feet.
          Happi Moonbeam # 637248
Go Impress Nugget ApHC # 552332 X
Misty Moon Shadow ApHC # 377095
You may recognize some of the names in
her pedigree:
Tardy's Bright Too
Bright Eyes Brother
Nugget Jim
Nugget Silver
Honky Tonk Angel
Hi Boomer Socks
Rainey V

On The Farm
Stormy, Dancer, and Smoke

Foolish Bet
Custer is a 1993 gelding. Cook's Sundance X Tims Sassy Bet

Custer is one of those horses that everybody loves. He has his COA in Western Pleasure, Games, and Trail. He has qualified for the world in halter and speed events. He has won several Super Team of the year championships at the Magnolia States Regional ApHC open show circuit. In the same year he has won the Adult Super Team and Youth Super Team awards being shown by my husband and one of our grand daughters. When Custer goes to the show he starts with the halter classes and can be shown in everything through the last speed event. I have lost count of the buckles he has won! You can run him in the barrels and walk out of the ring and sit quietly to watch the next runner. I love to ride him on the trails around here. He is a dependable mount. Even when something scares him, he is easy to keep under control. You cannot know Custer and not love him.
Oh yes, Custer has been doing Farm safety demonstrations for several years now. My granddaughters have taken him to school for demonstrations, so he has no problem being surrounded by bunches of children!
Custer has qualified for the 2005 World Show in Keyhole Race, Camas Prairie Stump Race, Nez Perce Stake Race, and Senior Trail.
         Foolish Bet ApHC # 521360
Cook's Sundance ApHC # 441852 X
Tims Sassy Bet AQHA # 2604899
    Some of the other names you may recognize in his pedigree are:
Abdull's Pok-A-Brave
Tims Yellow Man
Miss Brown Sugar
Joker B

Awe What Pizzazz
Bubbles (April 2013 Filly)

Awe Dream To A Te
Sandy (2012 Filly)

Happi Native Dancer
Dancer is a 2001 mare. Go Impress Nugget X Native Action

Congratulations to Dancer for winning Grand Champion Mares at the Dixie Appapoosa Mavericks Debut Show in March of 2007.
Dancer has accomplished a lot. She and I won Super Team Adult in her two year old, her three year old year, and (2005) her 4 year old year. She has won numerous buckles and hi-point awards. She is a Grand Champion at Halter winner. She has Qualified for the World Show in Halter and in speed events. She is an orphan as her mother passed away when she was a foal, so she looks to me as her leader. She is very loving and never meets anyone that she does not like. She finished in the top ten ACAAP trail points earners for 2005. She has her COA  and her ROM in halter.
Dancer has also been doing Farm Safety demonstrations with her buddy Custer for several years now. Since she likes people, she really enjoys the children! She has also been fearured in one of Pat Parelli's demonstrations.
                           Happi Native Dancer    
                            ApHC # 601785
Go Impress Nugget ApHC # 552332 X
Native Action ApHC # 486525
You may recognize some of the other names in
her pedigree:
Trady's Bright Too
Daydreamin Girl
Native Splash
King Plaudit
Nugget Jim
Nugget Silver
Honky Tonk Angel
Native Dancer

Native Action
Native Splash X Lil Bit of Action ( She was Dancer's Dam)

Foolish Bet & Chief Fullabull
Custer is a 1993 gelding. Cook's Sundance X Tims Sassy Bet

Foolish Bet

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