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Most of our horses are FPD. So if you are looking for foundation pedigrees, you have come to the right place. You can see the complete pedigree of all our horses at allbreedpedigrees.com , or you may email me with any questions. Have a fantastic day and God Bless.

If you would like the price of any one or all of these horses, please email or call and I will be glad to help you.



Blondie is a May 2013 filly


C A Dixie Bo
Bo is a 2008 Gelding - - - - C A Mighty Plaudit X Skipn Silver Nuggets

C A Dixie Bo ApHC # 654582
C A Mighty Plaudit ApHC # 605081 X
Skipn Silver Nuggets ApHC # 574924
Bo has a very quiet disposition. 
He will be the one you will want to take to all the shows and rides.
Other names you may recognize in his
pedigree are:
Mighty Bright
Prince Plaudit
Nugget Silver
Ima Red Magnolia
My Kinda Girl
Apache Double
Spotted Jim
Dial Bright Too
Bright Eyes Brother
Joker B
King Plaudit

Laddie (Walkaloosa)
C A Smooth Laddie 2009 Gelding---C A Mighty Plaudit X One Smooth Lady

Laddie is a Walkaloosa. He is naturally gaited. He has a very pleasant disposition. I hope to get some new photos in the spring, when he sheads out. I have haltered him and lead him around some.

Awe What Pizzazz
Bubbles (2013 Filly)
Awe Dream To A Te
Sandy (2012 Filly)

C A Dixie Sugar Bug
Zore is a 2006 Gelding- - - - - - C A Mighty Plaudit X Style By Impressive

C A Dixie Sugar Bug # 642790
C A Mighty Plaudit ApHC # 605081 X
Style By Impressive ApHC # 571408
We took Zore to his first show on April 5, 2008. I was very impressed with his behavior. As you know when you take babies away from home, anything can happen, but Zore was well behaved, oh and he did well in the show too!!
He has been used for trail riding, he loads easy and stands for the farrier and the vet. He is a real sweetheart.
 A few names you may recognize in his pedigree are:
Tardy's Bright Too
Nugget Silver
Nugget Jim
Honky Tonk Angel
Mighty Bright
Prince Plaudit

C A Country Girl Go
Opal is a 2004 Brood Mare - - - - - C A Mighty Plaudit X Nuggets Vanity

Opal is a color producer. She is good for the vet and the farrier. However she is nervous and needs an owner with a kind touch. She has excellent bloodlines with lots of champions and she is foundation.

Sunny is a Feb. 2013 colt (walkaloosa)


C A Mighty Cloud
Cloud (2012 Colt)

Happi Dixie Thunder
Thunder is a 2011 Colt

 Go Impress Nugget X AA Thunder Bar Girl.
Thunder is going to be a big boy.
He loads easy and stands for the vet and farrier.
He has been shown. He is easy to halter.

Skipn Silver Nuggets
Angel is a 1998 Brood Mare- - Nugget Silver X Ima Red Magnolia

Angel is a 1998 brood mare. She is easy to handle and has a great disposition. She is good for the farrier and the vet. Her foals are easy to handle and settle down easily.

My treasures neither clink nor glitter,
but gleam in the sun and neigh in the night.

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